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Psychodynamic Counsellor and Psychotherapist

''Feeling real is more than existing; it is finding a way to exist as oneself...and to have a self into which to retreat for relaxation".

Donald Woods Winnicott 

Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy

Adults, Young Adults, Pregnancy and Parenthood

Hello and Welcome, 


We can all have times in our life when we experience emotional difficulties or situations we struggle to work through. 

Perhaps you are feeling anxious, tearful, low in mood or depressed. Perhaps you have noticed other changes in your mood or are simply 'not feeling right' at present.


You may be aware of the cause of your distress or are otherwise feeling confused.


Seeking counselling or psychotherapy can feel daunting. You may find it difficult to confide in and trust others. You may feel that no-one will understand you. Or you may feel embarrassed, ashamed or guilty about how you are feeling.

Counselling provides a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space for you to be listened to and understood.


Sharing your thoughts and feelings with a trained counsellor can provide relief. It enables you to explore and gain insight into your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Having this deeper understanding of yourself can help you to...

  • work through your difficulties,

  • feel more in control,

  • make changes to patterns of thinking and relating to others, and

  • live a more fulfilled life.



Contact Me

If you are thinking about counselling or psychotherapy, please get in touch with any questions or to arrange an initial consultation. I aim to answer all enquiries within 24 hours.

I offer sessions both online (over Zoom) or face to face.

For face to face sessions I work in the AL4 area. 

Tel: 07508161036

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